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William Boyer-Montgomery as Brady in Inherit The Wind 
Daniel Lesnick as Drummond in Inherit The Wind 
Daniel Lesnick as Lloyd in Noises Off 
Matthew Miltimore as Robert in Don’t Dress For Dinner 
Matthew Miltimore as Garry in Noises Off

Kaylie Flowers as Suzette in Don’t Dress For Dinner 
Isabelle Krajewski as Jacqueline in Don’t Dress For Dinner 
Ayla Valantine as Dotty in Noises Off 
Catlynn Yates as Belinda in Noises Off

Christopher Delfino as Tim in Noises Off 
Foster Kirkconnell as Mayor in Inherit The Wind 
Jake Schroeder as Rev. Brown in Inherit The Wind 
Stone Sharp as Frederick in Noises Off

Isabelle Krajewski as Brooke in Noises Off 
Julia Quang as Hornbeck in Inherit The Wind 
Destiny VanWormer as Melinda in Inherit The Wind 
Catlynn Yates as Suzanne in Don’t Dress For Dinner

Benjamin Jara as Dunlap/Dr. Aaronson in Inherit The Wind 
Frankie Schulte as Ensemble in Noises Off 
Carson Taylor as Ensemble in Noises Off 
Alexander Vasquez as Doc Kimble in Inherit The Wind

Tatum Allen as Ensemble in Noises Off 
Chloe Riederich as Ensemble in Noises Off 
Isabel Ucar as Harriet in Inherit The Wind 
Jackie Urquieta as Reporter/Dr. Keller in Inherit The Wind

Director of the Year
William Boyer-Montgomery
Julia Quang
Alisha Sweeting
Jackie Urquieta

Playwright of the Year
Grace Galarraga
Matthew Miltimore
Cynda Wang
Carly Westergaard
Ciera Williams

Theatre Department Award Nominees 2018

The Harmony Award- On Stage

Christopher Delfino

Matthew Miltimore

Stone Sharp

Ayla Valentine

Catlynn Yates


The Harmony Award- Off Stage

Julia Quang 

Sydney Rincon 

Sydney Stapp

Jackie Urquieta


Best Second Stage Actor

Brennan Eckberg-Taking the Stage

Brandon Stephanich-Acting Styles Showcase

Blake Lazlo, The North American Pink-Footed Scrub Fowl - Ten Minute Play Festival

 Daniel Lesnick- Steffi & Cindy’s Sweet 16

Matthew Miltimore-Actor’s Rep Comedy Club

Alex Vasquez, Rotgut Novelty- One Act Play Festival


Best Second Stage Actress

Sydney Rincon-Taking the Stage

Jillian Ponchak-Acting Styles Showcase

Chloe Contador, The Tale of Despondent Rabbit and the Harried Hare - Ten Minute Play Festival

Izze Ucar- Steffi & Cindy’s Sweet 16

Ayla Valantine- Steffi & Cindy’s Sweet 16

Catlynn Yates-Actor’s Rep Comedy Club

Megan Michell, Bang, Bang- One Act Play Festival


Improv Member of the Year 

Dominic Brack

Chloe Buettner

Daniel Lesnick 

Matthew Miltimore


Understudy of the Year

Tatum Allen

Benjamin Jara

Julia Quang

Chloe Riederich


Rookie of the Year

Dominic Brack

Benjamin Jara

Sydney Rincon

Carson Taylor

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