The Academy Awards

And the Academy Award goes to...

Lead Actor-Coleton Ray as Black Stache in Peter and the Starcatcher

Lead Actress-Isabelle Krajewski as Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher

Supporting Actor-Christopher Delfino as Father in Flowers for Algernon & Teddy in Peter and the Starcatcher

Supporting Actress-Ayla Valantine as Mother in Flowers for Algernon

Featured Actor-Stone Sharp as Mack in Peter and the Starcatcher

Featured Actress-Destiny Van Wormer as Child Norma in Flowers for Algernon


Outstanding Achievement by a Properties Master -Isabella Dilauro- Jekyll & Hyde/Flowers for Algernon 
Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management -Linda Tang- Flowers for Algernon/Jekyll & Hyde/ Fanfare 

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design -Faith Burke, Seth Haden, Stacibella Roy- Retrofest, Song Writer

Outstanding Technical Support in a Production - Robert Adams and Sydney McWilliams- Sound Technicians- Retrofest 

Outstanding Achievement in Scenic Design -Molly Godlewski- The Producers 

Best Costume Designer for a Play-Dixie Chatt, Peter and the Starcatcher

Best Costume Designer for a Musical -Marissa Wilson, Jekyll & Hyde

Best Costume Crew Member -Malia Wu

Best Hair Design -Mia Buck and Julia Capelle 

Best Makeup Design -Julia Capelle  and Marissa Wilson

Best Quick Change- Dixie Chatt


Best Student Director-Jackie Urquieta

Best Playwright-Daniel Lesnick