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The 2020 "Ten Minute Play Festival" will be modeled after the most current in Theatre New Works Development - a live, virtual Festival performed on a Zoom meeting. 


Both cast and audience will all attend the exclusive meeting, but the audience will turn their cameras/mics off and watch the cast members perform these brand new, original scripts live.  From dark comedies to romantic dramas, think-pieces on the creative process, and homages to the film noir genre, APA's student playwrights and directors have created an exciting night of burgeoning theatre for you! Instructors will give an intro at the top of show on how to "hide non-video participants" and other Zoom tricks. Audience members will be admitted into the meeting from the waiting room starting at 6:45 PM. Tickets (links emailed just prior to the start) will be sold from the website.

Curious about the creative process to develop new scripts from scratch? Want to ask the student actors and directors how using a technological medium like Zoom changes the rehearsal process? Or where they see these scripts growing/changing in the future? There will be a live Q&A after the show where the audience will be invited to turn back on those cameras and either ask questions live or "in the chat" box on Zoom for the actors and creative teams to respond to. You won't want to miss it!

10 Minute Play Festival w:Ticket
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