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APA's Improv group is an amazingly fun group of students interested in Improv. Don't worry, Improv is not an APA Academic class, so there are no grades.

There are lots of improv styles and schools--ours is based on character development.  Students will create their own characters and learn to improvise with them and write them into monologs and scenes.

Why join Improv? 

  • It's fun.... REALLY fun

  • Learn to find your own voice for writing and performing

  • Any APA student can join.... just show up and start participating. Yes, this includes actors, actresses, techies, costumers and DP students. 

  • This is an after school extra-curricular activity 

  • You get to be in a show!

  • You do NOT need any past experience

  • Mr. Pike runs a really fun group class with improv games. 

I might be interested, How do I start? 

Just Show up on Tuesdays in the T-1 room 5-6:30pm 


Mr. Pike's email is


previous SHOWs: 
Come support these students
$5 tickets at the Blackbox door

There  will be concessions available too

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