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Round and Round

Staged Reading

A play in Ten Scenes by Robert Rotenberry
     Performs, Wednesday, December 5 at 7:00 pm. 


The Gregarious Girl- Kara Tran-Wright

The Skater-Ethan Wiersma

The Writer-Tatum Allen

The Cheerleader-Chloe Contador

The Jock-Simon Pike

The Musician-Foster Kirkconnell

The Dancer-Katrina Jensen

The Male Dancer -Jacob Kurihara

The Artist-Frankie Schulte

The President- Kaylie Flowers

The Scientist-Carson Taylor


Scene 1: The Gregarious Girl and The Skater.  Outside a Party. Director- Chloe Riederich


Scene 2: Skater and The Writer.  Outsider the School. Director-Zen Nguyen


Scene 3: The Writer and the Cheerleader.  The Writers Bedroom. Director-Bella Aparicio


Scene 4: Cheerleader and the Jock.  A Scenic Vista at Night. Director-Sheldon Stires


Scene 5: The Jock and The Musician.  The library.  Director-Sheldon Stires


Scene 6: The Musician and the Dancers. A hallway by the dance studio.  Director-Alisha Sweeting


Scene 7: The Dancer and The Artist.  An Art Studio.  Director-Simon Pike


Scene 8: The Artist and The President.  A Coffee House Director-Alisha Sweeting


Scene 9: The President and the Scientist.  The library.    Director-Isabelle Krajewski


Scene 10: The Scientist and the Gregarious Girl.  Snack bar at a concert. Director- Chloe Riederich


Epilogue. The full cast.  A concert.

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