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Technical theatre DEPARTMENT

The APA theatre technology program is the largest and most recognized high school program in the state of California. Tech is dedicated to providing students with the tools and skills necessary to obtain an entry-level job and excel in the competitive field of technical theatre production. 

Students are exposed to building and painting sets, prop design/fabrication/management, sound design, lighting design, and stage management. In addition to these skills, the students learn the value of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication. The program has produced graduates from the most recognized universities and colleges in the country, and many alumni have taken jobs in the industry. Our graduates include stage managers working on Broadway with national touring companies and other performing venues, programming and technical experts at Disney, lighting designers at rock concerts, TV shows, theme parks, and other venues. Some work in Hollywood as scenic designers and artists in television and major motion pictures, others have gone on to start their own production companies, hiring more APA alumni into the workforce.

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