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Looking for 10+ Wonderful Parents to  Join Fundraising Committee

  • Do you want to meet other parents? 

  • Want to Help Raising needed Funds for APA Theater Guild?  

  • Can you submit requests online for donations? 

  • Can you send email requests to companies for donations? 

  • Can you pick up donated items and help organize them into beautiful gift baskets to auction off?

  • Does helping over the summer work for your family? 

  • You can also help by donating an item to auction off.  Do you have an item to donate: Gift cards, wine/alcohol, beach pass, Vans items, beach items, dinners, local services, donation from your business, and more? 


We are looking for 10+ parents to help on this committee. Our Annual Dinner Theatre & Fundraiser will be held September 9-12, so we need the committee to help over the summer. Meetings and fundraising is planned for June- September. If you have a student in Acting, DP, Costume or Tech- Then we are asking YOU!!!! 



Contact Co-Vice President & Fundraising Committee Chair, Celine Keeble at

Why do we need to raise funds? 

The annual Family Pledge of $575  is directed towards the front office and the staff to run this wonderful program. Our Guild does not receive those funds.   All money raised by our Fundraising Committee through dinners, Dinner Theater Auction & Fundraiser, See's Candy sales, and more stays within our APA Theater Guild. This money is directed back towards supporting our students in Acting, DP, Tech and Costume


Each APA family donates 25+ hours each school year to make this program move forward with a full schedule and provide an exceptional experience for our students. 

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