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2023-2024 PLAYS

The-Crucible-Postcard-Front 774x1198.jpg
The-Crucible-Postcard-Front 774x1198_edited.jpg

Panicked rumors run rampant of women practicing witchcraft which galvanize the villagers to stand behind the rigid court prosecutor who struggles to weigh principle over evidence. 


A sculptor and his fiancee have "borrowed" a neighbor's furniture in an effort to impress an art collector. Suddenly the power goes out and matters spiral into hysterical chaos!


Student playwrights and directors will premier their original exploratory 10 minute plays. Please be advised that these works may contain sensitive concepts and mature themes.


Witness the search for the murderer in the hit hilarious farce Clue! Inspired by Hasbro's board game, the mysterious characters try to figure out where, with what, and who did it!

One-Act-Play-Festival-Postcard-Front 774x1198.jpg
One-Act-Play-Festival-Postcard-Front 774x1198_edited.jpg

Student playwrights and directors will debut their original exploratory plays in this annual festival. Each play will showcase each student's work in a single, solitary act.

This chronology of production artwork is a representation of shows presented exclusively by the Theatre department over the last four seasons. These amazing plays gave joy and memories to their production teams and audiences alike. We honor the hard work of APA program alumni and look forward with excitement to the promise of spectacular productions to come! 

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