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Please know that everyone who auditioned has improved so much, and we were blown away by the level of talent in the room. Unfortunately, we are not able to cast everybody, but know that your time was appreciated. The following actors are called back for tomorrow, in no particular order:

  1. Catherine Dosier

  2. Claire Tunstall

  3. Skylar Saucedo

  4. Isabella Greenbaum

  5. Grady Farman

  6. Kaia Podd

  7. Noella Egelsee

  8. Tegenn Jeffery

  9. Izzy Vosper

  10. Grace Cross

  11. Cameron Mullin

  12. Timothy Brennan

  13. Jack Adling

  14. Shae Miller

  15. Keri James

  16. Zeke Rowe

  17. Kayla Witecki

  18. Avery Asher

  19. Rick Notariani-McCool

  20. Cass Dow

  21. Lily Thorpe

  22. Cicily Thompson

  23. Bennet Penney

  24. Maja Kaczmarowska

  25. Noah Gottfried

  26. Peyton Eich

  27. Angelina Russo

  28. Lucianne Palafox

  29. Keri James

  30. Nola Anderson

Please come to the Blackbox tomorrow at 3:30 pm. We will hopefully finish by 5pm. Please wear movement clothes and shoes you can move in. Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! We will have the final cast list posted by the end of the day on Friday. Our rehearsals start next Monday, and run Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 - 9pm and Fridays from 3:30 - 6pm. If you have conflicts, you will be able to disclose that tomorrow. 

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