Hamlet Cast List

Hamlet: Ella Acciacca

Claudius: Lowen Jeffrey

Ophelia: Arlan Visser Polonia:

Sabrina Heim

Laertes: Isabella Greenbaum

Horatio: Paige O’Neal

Gertrude: Grace Cross

Ghost: Houston Aniol

Marcella: Kaia Podd

Bernardo: Grayson

Garcia Francisco: Peyton Eich

Rosencrantz: Naomi Jaskowiak

Guildenstern: Danielle Edwards

Old Gravedigger: Kiki Lothian

Young Gravediggers: Bennett Penney, Sadie Perlman Osric: Skylar Saucedo

Lead Player: Catherine Dosier Players: Eliot Ludwig Maulden, Lizzy Delfino, Tegenn Jeffrey, Krystal Talos, Cicily Priest: Angelina Russo Courtiers and

Funeral Procession: Harry Hartin, Maja Kaczmarowska, Joice Ngo, Abigail Elliott

Soldiers: Cassandra Dow, Ethan Roels, Natasha Teiman

Messengers: Jessica Min, Annika Aguirre

Hamlet Understudy: Catherine Dosier

Claudius Understudy: Cassandra Dow

Ophelia Understudy: Cicily Thompson

Polonia Understudy: Peyton Eich

Laertes Understudy: Sadie Perlman

Horatio Understudy: Eliot Ludwig Maulden

Gertrude Understudy: Angelina Russo

Ghost and Osric Understudy: Ethan Roels Understudy

Soldiers: Joice Ngo Understudy

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Tegenn Jeffrey

Understudy Lead Player: Lizzy Delfinoo






















































John Wesley Powell: Kaia Podd

William Dunn: Paige O’Neal

John Colton Sumner: Kayla Witecki

Old Shady: Kalika Lothian

George Young Bradley: Jolie Edward

O.G. Howland: Naomi Jaskowiak

Seneca Howland: Grayson Garcia

Frank Goodman: Arlan Visser

Andrew Hall: Juliette Guenneugues

William Robert Hawkins: Danielle Edwards

Chief Tsauwiat: Mason Creyaufmiller

Mr. Asa: Arlan Visser

The Bishop: Hannah Dekhili

Directed by Ms. McClintock 

Assistant Director - Ella Acciacca 

Special Director - Danielle Edwards 

Tech Liaison - Hannah Dekhili

Costume Liaison - Zoe Martin 

Assistant Stage Manager - Avery Asher 

Special thanks to Ms. Bull 

Lighting Design - Kadynce Morton 

Stage Manager - Kaya Miller 

Costume Design - Sarah Revtyak



John Wesley Powell: Skylar Saucedo

William Dunn: Grady Farman

John Colton Sumner: Isabella Greenbaum

Old Shady: Sabrina Heim

George Young Bradley : Nastasia Nastic

O.G. Howland : Grace Cross

Seneca Howland: Ella Acciacca

Frank Goodman : Houston Aniol

Andrew Hall: Juliette Guenneugues

William Robert Hawkins : Zoe Martin

Chief Tsauwiat: Mason Creyaufmiller

Mr. Asa: Houston Aniol

The Bishop : Hannah Dekhili

Directed by Ms. McClintock

Assistant Director - Ella Acciacca

Special Director - Danielle Edwards

Tech Liaison - Hannah Dekhili

Costume Liaison - Zoe Martin

Assistant Stage Manager - Avery Asher

Special thanks to Ms. Bull

 Lighting Design - Kadynce Morton

Stage Manager - Kaya Miller

Costume Design - Sarah Revtyak














































She Kills Monsters



Friday, November 12 at 7pm

Saturday, November 13 at 2pm

Thursday, November 18 at 7pm

TILLY: Paige O’Neal

AGNES: Sabrina Heim

CHUCK: Grayson Garcia

MILES: Houston Aniol

VERA: Paige Kim

LILITH: Avery Asher

KALIOPE: Kiki Lothian

ORCUS: Grady Farman

STEVE: Addie Basile

FARRAH/NARRATOR: Naomi Jaskowiak

EVIL GABBI: Carmela Miars

EVIL TINA: Aubrey Friedland

ENSEMBLE: Zoe Martin, Isabella Greenbaum, Nastasia Nastic


Saturday, November 13 at 7pm

Sunday, November 14 at 2pm

Friday, November 19 at 7pm

TILLY: Kaia Podd

AGNES: Ella Acciacca

CHUCK: Grayson Garcia

MILES: Houston Aniol

VERA: Danielle Edwards

LILITH: Arlan Visser

KALIOPE: Grace Cross

ORCUS: Grady Farman

STEVE: Skylar Saucedo

FARRAH/NARRATOR: Juliette Guenneugues

EVIL GABBI: Shae Miller

EVIL TINA: Aubrey Friedland

ENSEMBLE: Zoe Martin, Isabella Greenbaum, Nastasia Nastic


Starting in November, rehearsals will be Monday-Friday until the performances.

Thank you so much to everyone that auditioned! With so many talented actors, this was a really difficult decision. We appreciate all your time and effort! 




































































Wednesday, Feb 2nd, 5-7pm  Rm T2  Hamlet Audition Workshop, review Iambic Pentameter

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 5-8:30pm   Rm T2, Hamlet Audition Workshop, review acting tools

Wednesday, Feb 9th,  5-8:30pm  Rm T2  Hamlet Audition Workshop, apply acting tools to monologues, audition, and call back Q&A

Thursday, Feb 10th, 5-9pm  Rm T2   Hamlet Auditions

Friday, Feb 11th, 2-4pm  Rm T2  Hamlet Call Backs

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AUDITIONS for She Kills Monsters 

AUDITIONS will be held, Wednesday, September 15, from 7-9 pm in the Blackbox.

CALLBACKS will be held, Friday, September 17, from 2:30-5 pm in the Blackbox. 


For auditions, please come prepared with a memorized one-minute comedic or dramatic monologue. Video auditions are acceptable for Covid reasons or for religious exemptions, but students must record and send them in before the day.


The CALLBACK LIST will be emailed Wednesday night following auditions. 


The final CAST LIST will be emailed to the cast, as well as posted in front of the APA Office and on the APA website. 


REHEARSALS will be held Monday and Wednesday, 7-9:30 pm and Friday, 3-5 pm.

Starting in November, we will have rehearsals Monday-Friday from 7-9:30.


The show is 2 weekends: November 12-14 & November 18-19.

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen dir. Jacob Menke


Tilly Evans: a lesbian tomboy and fantasy fanatic, nerdy, sarcastic, occasionally bullied and appears to Agnes after her death as a powerful level 20 Paladin.


Agnes Evans: Tilly’s older sister, a high school teacher dealing with Tilly’s death, described as average and clueless to nerd culture. She eventually learns to embrace her inner nerd and lets her geek flag fly.


Chuck: Nerd with a grunge rock sensibility, runs a comic book store, grunge rocker roadie. As Dungeon Master he goes by "DM Biggs." Considers himself a ladies man.


Miles: Agnes’ boyfriend, average and occasionally confused. Has a temper. Agnes’ “long-term” boyfriend but hasn’t made the big leap. 


Vera: Guidance counselor; Agnes’ friend at the high school. Foul mouthed and short tempered. Not very good at her job.


Lilith: Popular girl next door by day, heroic Demon Queen by night. Described as “the perfect combination of beauty and brawn”. Tilly’s in game girlfriend. 


Kaliope: Stunningly beautiful dark elf. Suave, magical, powerful. 


Orcus: The retired Overlord of the Underworld. Big and scary orc. Easy-going and comedic personality. 


Steve: An ill-fated adventurer who dies over and over again, with a smile on his face. 


Farrah/Narrator: Faerie queen. Tough, aggressive, the opposite of a traditional fairy in everything but appearances. The narrator is Galadriel from Lord of the Rings with a twist. 


Evil Gabbi: A vile succubus/cruel high school cheerleader. 


Evil Tina: A vile succubus/cruel high school cheerleader. 












Cast List for Play On

Dinner Theater Show

September 2021


AGGIE: Krystal Talos, Paige Kim


GERRY:  Lowen Jeffery


HENRY: Caden Higgins


*POLLY: Sabrina Heim, Kaia Podd


*SMITTY: Naomi Jaskowiak, Skylar Saucedo


SAUL: Houston Aniol


BILLY: Grayson Garcia


*VIOLET: Arlan Visser, Paige O’Neal


*LOUISE: Kiki Lothian, Ella Acciacca


*PHYLLIS: Grace Cross, Danielle Edwards 


Assistant Directors: Kaya Miller, Genevieve Perry


*means the role is double cast.

One cast will perform Thursday/Saturday and the other will perform Friday/Sunday. 

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