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Technical theatre DEPARTMENT







Technical Theatre Crew:  All performances 

Stage Mgr /PCM: Sophia

Stage Mgr/Deck: Logan

Scenic Designer: Muir

Lighting Designer: Kadynce

QLab: Genevieve

Props Master: Mia F & Muir

Props Asst: Marcella, Echo and Sydney

Lead Audio: Bella

Lighting Crew: Jillian, Logan, Cailyn, Krystal, Genevieve

Audio Crew: Jaden, Alexia, Jack , Mia M., Echo


Our Technical Theatre program includes a wide variety of skills: 

  • Building Sets

  • Painting Sets

  • Props design, creation, and management during shows

  • Lighting design- spot lights too

  • Sound Design

  • Stage Management 

All of these are taught to our students, which provide these students the skills required to run 100% of the shows on the Main Stage Auditorium and in the Black Box Studio. This APA program is the largest high school technical theatre program in California. 

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