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Ten Minute Play Festival Cast List

Sale on Roses written by Antonio Lopez and directed by Cicily Thompson

Old Man: Fran Jacobs 

David: Cooper Lopez 


Phantom House by McKenzie Morris

Blake: Serenity Britton

Dave: Lily Thorpe

Donny: Harlow Miller


“And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program!” by Jack Adling

John Cushing: Rick Notarianni-McCool

Barry Wolcott: Harry Hartin

Dorothy Boondy-Cushing: Talia Holloway


Less Misérables by Sarah McCarthy and Tegenn Jeffery

Guillaume (Gee-um): Ben Penney

Ennemonde (Eny-mond): Maja Kaczmarowska

The Constable: Joe Bray


Here by Issie Bolton

Aceso: Madisen Duchesreau

Filia: Addyson Asher


Father-Daughter Day by Tara Nguyen

Mr. Flynn: Noah Gottfried

Mr. Parker: Antonio Jones

Daphne: Lucianne Palafox

Lauren: Allison Vo


Big Goodbyes written by Clare Amesbury and directed by Emalyne Nguyen

Carmen: Jorge Ceja Ruiz

Ruth: Sydney Andrade

Adam: Collin Higgins


What Ties Me to You by Cami Nakamura

Amanda: Adelina Rehberger 

Theodore: Maximillion Munoz 


The One by Marina Kolta

Amara: Bianca Stratta

Ady: Naomi Mirghauami

Ray: Evan Lama

Calvin: Logan Walton

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